Free Software for a Virtual Mall: CMS & e-Commerce Multi-Store

Some suggestions to customize your Portal

Here just some basic suggestions to customize your portal done with Php-MultiShop.

The portal-side, based on the CMS PHPNuke, contains a directory called 'themes', in which there are several templates provided as default by PHPNuke. You can easily modify or delete the existing themes, or add others.

The store-side, based on osCommerce, as default not contains a themes engine as PHPNuke, but you can find many contribution on osCommerce to manage the graphics of your stores. For example, in the demo Demoshop has been used the oscommerce contribution called "STS" (Simple Template system). After install this contribution (or others you want) you can add easily a customized templates.

If you are not a web designer, there are many website where you can downoad or purchase templates you can install easily in your website (store-side and portal-side).
for example we suggestion

Further details are available in the Forums;
also, you can contact us to install contributions and templates.
Customize Page
  • small-size font
  • default-size font
  • big-size font
  • display the page with only text


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