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PHPNuke Installer

About PHPNuke
PHP-Nuke is an advanced and intelligent content management system designed and programmed with very hard work. PHP-Nuke has the biggest user's community in the world for this kind of application, thousands people (users and programmers) are waiting for you to join the revolution at where you can find thousands of modules/addons, themes, blocks, graphics, utilities and much more...
About PHPNuke Installer
I've created this Installer to simplify the process of installation of PHPNuke, hoping that it will be useful to many inexpert users, so my little work could contribute to the further diffusion of this great CMS. This current release includes the languages english, spanish, italian, french and estonian, and provides the installation for PHPNuke version 7.8, 7.7, 7.6 and 7.5. A particular attention has been done to the License GNU/GPL and the Copyright Notice printed to the footer of PHPNuke, as required by his author F. Burzi.

Note: tested only with MySql DataBase.
After download and untar/unzip of the package, place the 'install' folder into the 'html' directory of PHPNuke package (where there are the files config.php, mainfile.php, ...).
Then, using your preferred browser, go to the 'install' folder via web and follow the instructions:

The current version of PHPNuke Installer is 0.2, includes the upgrade to PHPNuke 7.8 version and the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Estonian.
The package is available for free on SourceForge.
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